We are here to build solutions for your business, so your requirements are our most important challenge. We believe good communication is essential, and endeavor through experience, good management and team work to provide our clients with the best solution and experience possible.

The Next Data team is a team highly of motivated and experienced professionals, committed to researching and developing applications in the data science space. Our focus on teamwork and collaboration with our working partners and clients is the key to our success.

We are passionate about investing in the latest technologies and methodologies, and strive to create a work environment that facilitates creativity and freedom for new ideas. We believe that our approach and dedicated small team are key to delivering standout results.



The Next Data team share a passion for data and the power that lies within it. Our services are not limited to a particular vertical or market space, as we believe our clients are the experts in their business. Our expertise is in assisting our clients to unravel the complexity, disparity and volume of data so they may leverage this information to its full capacity.

We know that uncovering the relationships, patterns, models and intelligence in complex data sources is key to our clients transforming their businesses and promoting positive change.

We aim to use our experience, products and analytical abilities to transform complex data sources into comprehensive data models. We challenge ourselves every day to find the real face of your data and present it you for your specific requirements.


We at Next Data are critical thinkers and seek to find the beauty in truth.  We challenge the accepted, question  the norms, test theory and reject status quo.  Our desire is to educate and equip others with our capabilities so they too can make discoveries to better understand the world they live in.

We share a passion for data and the power that lies within it.  We believe in discovering, understanding and challenging the ways in which we use Data – this is what we love to do.

  • Madara Karunarathna
    Madara Karunarathna Developer
  • Steve Rogers
  • Michael Wise
    Michael Wise DIRECTOR
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