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Application developers for large enterprises, startups and hobbyists all have one thing in common: they love to see their applications being used successfully.  The Next Data Engine (NDE) makes application development easier, faster and more economical for every kind of developer.  NDE achieves this by providing one powerful framework for developers to utilize when developing their applications.

This framework provides all of the functionality required to develop applications, including job scheduling, a graph system, web server, cross platform support, component systems, microservices, a messaging system, and many other useful features.  All of these features can be obtained through various separate middle-ware providers, however additional development time is then required to glue each of these systems together.  The Next Data team has done this step for developers, gluing together all of the required functionality for the vast majority of applications so developers can spend their valuable time creating the bespoke code required to make their solutions amazing.

If your organisation wants to use a different middleware provider for a specific feature the Engine will not prevent this.  The package store provides solutions from the Next Data team and members of the Next Data community that will assist in the process of gluing many other packages into the NDE.  This unified development framework, coupled with the scaffolding system of the NDE essentially eliminates the tedious “file new” process from the development cycle.  The Scaffolder provides a complete application for developers to begin working with.  This provides the developers with an immediate visual development result.  While it is not yet customized for their solution, developers can see the changes they are making to the project in real time rather than having to wait weeks to see their project coming together. This system saves developers large amounts of time, in-fact our own in-house developers use this system, saving them on average 2 months of developer man hours for a job that would normally take 5 man months.

This framework has been designed to support as many forms of applications as possible.  This includes web applications, micro services, job systems, messaging systems, mobile applications, and pretty much anything you can think of (or a combination of any of these).  Scaffolders and tutorials for each of these types of applications will be provided to assist developers to create these diverse applications using the power of the Next Data Engine.

Applications written for the Next Data Engine can utilize the power of the .NET Core Framework and C#.  Application developers already familiar with this environment will find the transition to using the NDE easy, and those with backgrounds in other languages will find tutorials on our documentation site that will help you to learn the .NET environment, C# and our NDE simultaneously.  JavaScript, HTML and CSS are also used by the Next Data Engine, specifically within the creation of web applications.

We fully understand that software developers are often wary of products that take away control over sections of their application, which is why we have made the NDE fully customize-able.  If you want to use new themes for your web applications or install new middleware you are able to, in-fact we can offer developers access to source code for use in embedded engine solutions. In addition to this, the Next Data Engine has a system of components that allow developers to take concepts that the engine understands, such as file systems, and plug their own logic into it, such as a file system for Dropbox or OneDrive.  For more information about this see Components Article.

The Next Data Engine makes deploying your solution extremely simple.  Once you have your solution complete you can package it and send it to our package server to be downloaded by your organisation, or by other organisations. Then the package simply needs to be run using the NDE run-time.  Our package server supports a paid distribution, making it easy for developers to create software for other organisations to use. Alternatively, you can package your solution and distribute using your own channels to users on the NDE, or embed engine within your solution so your users can simply download the executable and start your solution immediately.
If you need to deploy your application to a new platform the NDE makes this very simple. Because the engine functions as its own meta-operating system that your application runs on, deploying for a new platform simply means moving your solution package onto the version of engine running on that system. Any specific platform functionality that needs to be implemented in your solution can be done by creating components that extend the functionality of the base components within the engine. By doing this you can easily plug in the specific implementation for a platform from within the application configuration menus provided by engine, rather than needing to maintain two version of your software.

In conclusion, the NDE provides a common set of core frameworks that can be used by developers to create fully functional enterprise applications. By eliminating the “file new” process of application development, the Next Data Engine has reduced the development time on new projects by up to two months of developer time. This allows developers to focus on creating the specific implementation for their solutions, rather than spending time and money creating the recipe for their solutions. Check out our free 30 day trial and start building an application to find out how much time your organisation could save by utilising the NDE!

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